Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodger Stadium

Los Angeles , CA

Year Opened: 1962

Capacity: 53,000

Grade: N/A Ranking: N/A


January 2nd 2014: Tour
June 21st 2017: Lexus Dugout Club
June 22nd 2017: Baseline Club (1st Base)

Disclaimer: For the purposes of ballpark “ratings,” Dodger Stadium is tricky to categorize.  Like Wrigley Field and  Fenway Park, I have decided not to rank or rate Dodger Stadium.  For me,  it must be looked at in its historical context and shouldn’t be compared to the other 27 ballparks, and thus won’t be analyzed using the standard criteria.  Rating a park that opened in 1962 based on 21st century standards using a scorecard doesn’t really tell us anything about the quality of the ballpark.  If that seems like a copout, I’ll just say Dodger Stadium would rate somewhere in the middle of the pack, but that is certainly not a good indication of where Dodger Stadium stands among our nation’s ballparks.  At the same time, Wrigley and Fenway aren’t good direct comparisons, and contemporaries like Angel Stadium and Kauffman Stadium are rated/ranked using the standard criteria and methodology.  That is because those latter two parks underwent more comprehensive, one-time renovation projects (in 1998 and 2009, respectively) that completely reinvented those parks more in the vein of any other post-1991 ballpark than anything resembling Dodger Stadium today. 

Anyway, Dodger Stadium is wonderful and exceeded my expectations.  I believe it is a modern classic that is the Wrigley or Fenway or its era, so its exemption from the standard rating system fits.  I will write this review as photo essay (similar to Wrigley and my Tropicana review this summer), with detailed architectural analysis and a close look at the amenities.  In time for game 1 of the 2017 World Series, I have posted the photo gallery below.  


Most photos in photo gallery from 2017.  Photos from the following are from the 2014 tour: Top Deck, inside dugout, part of exterior gallery, retired number plaza, and old visitor’s locker room.

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Architecture & Aesthetics: N/A

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Interior Aesthetics: N/A

Panoramic View: N/A

Concourses: N/A

Functionality: N/A

Sightlines: N/A

Seat Comfort: N/A

Concourses: N/A

Scoreboard: N/A

Amenities: N/A

Concessions: N/A

Signature Food: N/A

Restaurants: N/A

Premium Services: N/A

Historic References: N/A

Entertainment: N/A

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Final Score: N/A