Oakland Athletics

HoHoKam Stadium (Athletics)

Mesa, AZ

Year Opened: 1997 (2015 renovations)

Capacity: 10,000

Grade: TBA Ranking: TBA

The Cubs trained at HohoKam Park from 1997 to 2013.  They moved into Sloan Park in 2014.  The Oakland Athletics moved into this facility, now formally called HohoKam Stadium, in 2015.  Because of the peculiarity of one team’s old spring training home undergoing renovations for a new team, I have decided to keep the old page under “Chicago Cubs”, and create this new page for the Athletics’s HohoKam Stadium under “Oakland Athletics”, even though it is the same park.  I will see the Athletics play here for the first time in March 2018. 

***IMPORTANT NOTE: Ratings, ranking, and review all subject to change based on attendance at 2018 spring training.  Most reviews will be partially rewritten.  The point system has slightly changed since 2011, so the ratings will change regardless.  Finally, all new photos from 2018 spring training will be added.  Rankings in AZ will be reposted and overall rankings comparing the ballparks to those in Florida will be added.  Updates will be posted by mid-March.***

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