Oakland Athletics

HoHoKam Stadium (Athletics)

Mesa, AZ

Year Opened: 1997 (2015 renovations)

Capacity: 10,000

Grade: 81.5 Ranking: AZ: #8/10; Overall: #18/24*

The Cubs trained at HohoKam Park from 1997 to 2013.  They moved into Sloan Park in 2014.  The Oakland Athletics moved into this facility, now formally called HohoKam Stadium, in 2015.  Because of the peculiarity of one team’s old spring training home undergoing renovations for a new team, I have decided to keep the old page under “Chicago Cubs”, and create this new page for the Athletics’s HohoKam Stadium under “Oakland Athletics”, even though it is the same park.  

***IMPORTANT NOTE: Ratings and ranking have now been posted based on attendance at 2018 spring training.  New reviews have not been written, and most reviews from 2011 will be partially rewritten.  Photos will be added soon.

*Note: There are 23 spring training ballparks, as 7 complexes are shared by two teams.  For the “Fan Support” score, I usually just split the difference, as differences in fan support don’t fundamentally alter the ballpark experience.  I found only one exception: Roger Dean Stadium, where the Cardinals (arguably possessing the best fanbase) and the Marlins (some would say the worst) play.  Thus, I split those two scores, which is why there are 24 different ballparks graded overall.


March 8th, 2018: Field Box Gold

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Setting: 6.5/10

Location/Access: 6.5/10

Architecture & Aesthetics: 20/28

Exterior Design: 6.5/10

Interior Aesthetics: 11/15

Concourses: 2.5/3

Functionality: 19/25

Sightlines: 8/10

Seat Comfort: 3.5/5

Concourses: 4.5/7

Scoreboard: 3/3

Atmosphere: 14.5/17

Ballpark Personality: 9/10

Fan Support: 3.5/5

Ballpark Policies: 2/2

Amenities: 14.5/20

Concessions: 8.5/10

Premium Seats: 2/4

Sitting Areas: 2.5/4

Entertainment: 1.5/2


Bonus: 7

Final Score: 81.5